Project Deliverables

  • Sizzle Reel Video
  • Millennial Playbook
  • Immersive Activation Workshop

The Challenge: Gain Millennial Brand Loyalty

Millennial attitudes about the outdoors are very different from Gen X’s. REI asked us to help them unpack the Millennial mindset and build a bridge between loyal Gen X customers and up and coming Millennial customers.

This is where Kelton’s mixed methodology gets creative. We went camping. We went shopping. We dissected similarities and differences between the generations and built a brand narrative that appealed to both.

To be sure our ideas had legs, we tested them with quantitative research and discovered the narrative and tactics that were most compelling.

A still shot from the sizzle reel we produced for REI after our immersive camping interviews.

The Solution: Quantitative Research and Storytelling

By the end of our journey, we delivered a story of brand and activation to guide REI into the future, and a storytelling sizzle reel to show Millennial consumers’ expectations in their own words.

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