Methodologies Used

Project Deliverables

  • Comprehensive Final Report
  • Custom Brand Guide

The Challenge: Gen Z Brand Strategy

Society 6 knew their offering was unique and compelling, but struggled to find a brand strategy that could break through the noise and a narrative that connected with Millennials and Gen Z. We helped them find the creative fuel they needed.

We started by talking with some of the most creative people we could find. We were able to find category whitespace, see around corners to anticipate opportunity, create a brand strategy and transform it into a design language and brand narrative that could carry Society6 to the next level.

The Solution: A Tailored Brand Guide

The thinking is important but the tools we delivered made the difference between a good idea and an actionable one. We delivered Brand Tools built to educate, inspire and guide every person helping to build the brand and business – from product to marketing to customer service.

An example of our brand book deliverable (proprietary client information has been removed).

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