Project Deliverables

  • Comprehensive Brand Guide
  • Communicatons Talking Points
  • Experience Guidelines + Guardrails

The Challenge

The Beverly Center sits in the heart of a popular West Hollywood neighborhood. But the shopping mecca needed a reboot to stay relevant. We went shopping for emerging trends and whitespace in a crowded category to build a new brand story.

Renderings of the new Beverly Center renovations.

We got creative with the creative class: incorporating trendsetters and tastemakers into a creative, conversational research process to discover the intersection of the mall’s powerful heritage and its bright future.

"We continue to use the positioning as our guiding light and internal core."

Ivan Frank, Vice President, Center Marketing

The Solution

Once we found it, we wove that story into a branding blueprint, covering communications and experiential touchpoints from retail and dining to events and aesthetics.

A look at The Beverly Center's Brand Guide (Please note: all proprietary client information has been removed).

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