Repositioning a college classic for grown up Millennials.

The liquor category has changed quite a bit since Jagermeister launched more than 75 years ago. To keep growing, we helped Jägermeister reposition the brand to capture a new generation of drinkers.

Jägermeister was faced with a dilemma. With its core drinkers aging out and new competitors grabbing the attention of Millennials, sales had flattened. We helped Jägermeister discover a way to update the brand while staying true to its unique roots.

We took a fresh look at the category and its drinkers. We mixed future-focused trend watching with creative (and fun) Bar Crawl Ethnography to find some white space. We layered on quantitative research on to confirm and fine tune our ideas. But we went further: we turned our findings into an agency creative brief that inspired one of Jägermeister’s most successful advertising campaigns.

What we Did

Cultural Insights
Trend Identification
Bar Crawl Ethnography
A&U Research
Concept Testing
Advertising Strategy

Jagermeister’s “A Stronger Bond” campaign from agency Mistress.

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