Taubman/Beverly Center

Revitalizing an LA retail experience.

L.A.’s Beverly Center was going under the knife with a massive remodel. We made sure the new look was more than skin deep with a sharply defined brand experience.

The Beverly Center sits in the heart of a popular West Hollywood neighborhood. But the shopping mecca needed a reboot to stay relevant. We went shopping for emerging trends and whitespace in a crowded category to build a new brand story.

We got creative with the creative class: incorporating trendsetters and tastemakers into a creative, conversational research process to discover the intersection of the mall’s powerful heritage and its bright future.

Once we found it, we wove that story into a branding blueprint, covering communications and experiential touchpoints from retail and dining to events and aesthetics.

What we Did

Cultural Insights
In-Depth Interviews with Experts and Trendsetters
Customer Co-Creation

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