Jessie Sims
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Jessie Sims

SVP, Insights & Strategy, Los Angeles

Blending an enthusiasm for finding creative solutions to improve business practices with an infectious and collaborative spirit, Jessie has helped companies reinvent their business strategy and new business process to encourage growth. As SVP, Insights & Strategy, Jessie is a key client liaison – spending most of her time understanding client’s needs and crafting creative approaches to find the solution that sticks.

Prior to joining Kelton, a Material Company, Jessie lived in NYC and worked at ?What If! Innovation, a brand and innovation firm dedicated to creating incremental and breakthrough innovations for companies. Jessie has worked for an array of clients, including those in the following industries: CPG, Healthcare, Beauty, Entertainment, Automotive, Spirits, Financial Services & Technology.

Jessie earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and psychology from California State University, Long Beach.

Jessie is a native of San Diego, and naturally spends as much time as she can by a body of water. Although she loved living in New York, she is very happy to be back on the west coast…where the weather rarely disappoints. In her spare time, Jessie teaches Vinyasa yoga and seeks the random moments and adventures one can encounter by exploring their habitat with an open mind and open eyes.

Perspectives from Jessie

Mindfulness and Business

Mindfulness is not a new concept. Until recently, Mindfulness was a term bound to Buddhist practices and meditation retreats, used as a step towards a great awakening. Although Hinduism was the birthplace of most contemplative practices, mindfulness has been incorporated in people’s lives across the world – mainly through a form of mediation partnered with breathing exercises.