Who We Are

Who We Are

Our best asset is our team, and our recipe is simple: hire the most collaborative, curious, and insightful people, and empower them to do their best work.

Rooted in journalism. Fueled by curiosity.

As a company founded by journalists, we’re investigators at heart. It’s what our social scientists, data analysts, designers, marketers, and idea engineers have in common– an innate desire to understand the human experience.

At our core, we are storytellers.

Kelton is an insights and strategy firm with a penchant for great narratives. We help companies use the power of data-backed storytelling to change behavior, motivate internal teams, and create strong bonds between brand and customer.

Empathy In Action.

Across our offices, on client projects, and in every single interaction, we work to foster empathy in everything we do. And we help companies do the same, inspiring products, services, and experiences that exceed customers’ needs.

You’ll find us on the ground in

New York City.

Sao Paulo.




Every year we’re working on 6 continents, 48 countries, thousands of cities to untangle consumer complexities to help businesses grow.

Meet the Humans of Kelton

Our people are everything. Get to know the incredible data-heads, strategists, innovators, and storytellers that make Kelton great.


Alexa Decina

Director, Insights & Strategy, New York


Alexandra Price

Operations Manager, New York


Alison Servi

President, Los Angeles


Amy Rogoff Dunn

Partner, Insights & Strategy, New York


Aniké Owoye

Manager, Qualitative Research, Los Angeles


Aviva Urkov

Associate Director, Experience Innovation & Design Research, Chicago


Brenna Malta

Associate Director, Quantitative Research, Los Angeles


Brian Reif

Director, Insights & Strategy, Chicago


Cat Iribarne

Director, Quantitative Research, New York


Christian Tobler

Data Processor, Los Angeles


Christy Schmidt

Manager, Quantitative Research, New York


Courtney Clark

Vice President, Insights & Strategy, New York


Danielle Sherman

Vice President, Communications & Media, New York


Dave Mason

Digital Research Operations Lead, Los Angeles


Doug Parent

Senior Consultant, Insights & Strategy


Emily Armando

Senior Analyst, Quantitative Research, New York


Emily Kress

Associate Director, Client Development, New York


Emma Erion-Brewer

Marketing Manager, Operations & Analytics, Los Angeles


Erin Casement

Senior Director, Marketing, Los Angeles


Gareth Schweitzer

Co-Founder, Los Angeles


Isabelle VanDixhorn

Manager, Quantitative Research, Chicago


Jaclyn Jakucki

Senior Vice President, Insights & Strategy, Los Angeles


Jaime McMahon

Senior Director, Operations, Los Angeles


Jane Bender

Director, Business Development, New York


Jay Becton

Director, Brand Strategy, New York


Jenna Levine

Associate Director, Experience Innovation & Design Research, New York


Joey Doney

Senior Vice President, Insights & Strategy, Dallas


John Phillips

Senior Director, Design Research, Los Angeles


John Wise

Vice President, Cultural Insights & Brand Strategy, New York


Kaitlin McMenemon-Taraby

Vice President, Insights & Strategy, New York


Kathryn Rhine

Vice President, Insights & Strategy, Chicago


Kelsey Allen-Niesen

Manager, Qualitative Research, Los Angeles


Kiki McCaslin

Project Manager, Qualitative Research, New York


Lanna Lee Maheux-Quinn

Director, Data Processing, New York


Magdalena Madrigal

Analyst, Quantitative Research, Chicago


Mariana Amespil

Senior Manager, Finance & Accounting, Los Angeles


Mary Wang-Boucher

Field Manager, New York


Matt Drab

Senior Director, Insights & Strategy, Chicago


Matt Paladino

Partner, Insights & Strategy, Chicago


Max Branson

Director, Content Marketing, Los Angeles


Michelle Kannenberg

Senior Analyst, Quantitative Research, Chicago


Monica Orijel

Client Finance Manager, Finance & Accounting, Los Angeles


Richard McCullough

Senior Consultant, Advanced Analytics


Roberto Roncarati

Senior Consultant, Europe


Sameera Polavarapu

Senior Analyst, Qualitative Research, New York


Samuel Chaikin

Analyst, Quantitative Research, Los Angeles


Sarah Fox

SVP, Insights & Strategy, Los Angeles


Siobhan Gregory

Senior Consultant, Design Research


Stacey Lutz, PhD

Vice President, Qualitative Research, New York


Susan Braun

COO, Material Action Division, Los Angeles


Teiko Uyekawa

Associate Director, Cultural Insights, New York


Zach Morgan

Manager, Quantitative Research, Los Angeles

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