Learning Agenda Template: Create Next Year's Insights Roadmap With This Free Workbook
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Learning Agenda Template: Create Next Year's Insights Roadmap With This Free Workbook

October 25, 2019

How to Build a Learning Agenda

Imagine a Learning Agenda that takes your team from reactive research to proactive insights.

Brands that succeed in today’s world know and understand their consumers’ needs better than the competition. We have more tools and approaches to learn about our consumers than ever before, but knowing when and how to use these methods in an actionable way requires strategy and forethought.

Whether you call it a Learning Plan, year-end planning, or something else entirely, a Learning Agenda simply identifies what your team needs to know about your consumer to make informed decisions in the year ahead.

Creating next year’s Learning Agenda now can replace reactive research initiatives that leave you constantly trailing behind critical questions with proactive insights journeys that allow for deep reflection and internalization.

In How to Build a Learning Agenda, we’ll review the exact steps, questions, and best practices needed to create a concrete plan that injects consumer-centric thinking into the heart of your business and brand strategy. 

Download How to Build a Learning Agenda to discover:

  •   The five biggest Rules to Live By for Learning Agenda creation
  •   A step-by-step roadmap for creating a Learning Agenda with real business impact
  •   Print-ready prompts to prepare you for each phase of Learning Agenda creation
  •   Crucial pieces of information to include at every step of the process
  •   Helpful hints for bringing stakeholders, team members, and agency partners to the table
  •   Five essential elements for creating a great RFP
  •   A time-saving sample Learning Agenda layout, so you don’t have to recreate the wheel

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