Brand Tracking: How to Track Brand Awareness with Convergent Tracking
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Brand Tracking: How to Track Brand Awareness with Convergent Tracking

January 19, 2019

Build a brand health tracker that empowers better, more informed decision making.

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Brand tracking is a critical piece of any insights arsenal – but traditional trackers only tell part of the story. Too often, they narrowly focus on your brand while ignoring the broader picture of your customer and their world. And they deliver information without understanding, disconnected from the real world context that give findings meaning.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Combined with relevant insight streams and contextual drivers, brand trackers become more than just a static measurement tool. They can empower better, more informed decision making that moves your business forward.

Download our Convergent Tracking whitepaper to learn the secret to a scalable, holistic approach to brand health tracking.

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. What most traditional brand tracking companies miss about today’s fast paced and interconnected consumer marketplace.
  2. The art of designing a holistic tracking framework for maximum output and efficiency.
  3. The best ways to determine which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are most relevant to your brand’s health.
  4. How tools like Sentiment Analysis can help measure the impact of marketing and consumer conversations on your brand.
  5. When to leverage Qualitative Research techniques, such as Deep Social Listening and Video Probes, to gather important context behind brand performance.
  6. Cultural Insights research you can build into your tracker cycle to get ahead of changing consumer trends and values.
  7. The most impactful methods for delivering tracking insights so that they prompt meaningful action from your team, agency partners, and key stakeholders.
  8. Convergent Tracking success stories from established Fortune 500 brands and category disruptors alike.

Combine tracking and context to tell a complete story of your business. Learn more about our Brand Tracking and Advertising Tracking services.

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