Kuba Kierlanczyk

Manager, Insights, Culture, & Strategy

With a strong sense of empathy and a knack for finding compelling stories amongst the static of the everyday, Kuba has found his home at Kelton. In his role, he spends his time supporting both the qualitative and cultural insights teams; digging through information to uncover human truths and weaving them into insights to help brands better understand their consumers.

Kuba graduated from McGill University with a degree in History, focusing on American culture during the Cold War, with minors in English Literature and Marketing. Prior to Kelton, he honed his analytical skills with internships at Publicis NYC, and at a Goldman Sachs funded startup.

A frequent traveler, Kuba has ventured across Europe, Asia, and all across the United States. In his spare time he can be found wandering the museums of New York City, people watching in the city’s parks, and performing standup in Brooklyn’s eclectic bars and coffee shops.

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