Tom Bernthal
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Tom Bernthal

Co-Founder, Los Angeles

After working in the Clinton White House and winning the coveted Emmy Award as a producer for NBC News, Tom founded Kelton with a vision of bringing a journalist’s eye for the human story to the world of insights and strategic marketing. Kelton has since been tapped to inform and inspire marketing strategy and innovation for Google, Nike, Target, General Electric, Amazon, Whole Foods, Facebook, Harley-Davidson, Starbucks, and more than 100 of the Fortune 500.

As a journalist with a passion for understanding what makes people tick, Tom is a natural-born listener; it’s his ability to intuitively understand what clients need and how Kelton can help that’s led to the company’s success and growth across the globe. As part of Material, Tom has helped acquire 5 agencies in the last year, and now ensures Kelton and its partner agencies continue to evolve, seeking new ways to help the world’s best brands become essential.

Originally from Washington DC, Tom settled in Los Angeles in 2000 and has lived near Venice Beach since 2007. He utilizes his almost boundless energy to balance the joys of family and friends, passion for traveling and basketball, and leadership roles in organizations such as The Lean In Foundation, Young Presidents Organization and Martis Camp.

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