Whitney Dunlap-Fowler
Who We Are

Whitney Dunlap-Fowler

Director, Cultural Insights, New York

As Director of Cultural Insights, Whitney utilizes her vast knowledge of semiotics, brand strategy and character exploration to highlight new and meaningful ways for clients to examine culture and understand the significance of the impact of cultural shifts on consumer perceptions and behaviors, and ultimately what that means for their bottom line.

Prior to joining Kelton, Whitney spent 6 years at Kantar Added Value where she began as a member of the qualitative field team until she graduated from NYU with a Masters in Media Culture and Communications. After earning her degree, Whitney exceled as a strategist across two teams: Brand Strategy and Cultural Insights, and eventually took on a third role as the Multicultural Practice Lead for North America. With her many hats, Whitney has been able to work with a number of clients in varying categories including CPG, telecommunications, B2B, retail, luxury, beauty, fashion, and millennial work, all while pursuing her passion of creating a minority-focused insight insights community.

A native of Hampton, Virginia, Whitney credits most of the success in life to her military background which, by the nature of how much her family moved around, forced her to get used to being uncomfortable, and taught her to anticipate and openly welcome change on a consistent basis. Because of this, Whitney has often fearlessly embarked on new adventures for the sake of the thrill of conquering seemingly impossible personal goals, which included her impromptu move to New York over six years ago. When she’s not taking on new life-projects or redirecting her life, she can often be seen redecorating or changing her furniture around several times a year.

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