Path-to-Purchase: An Overview
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Path-to-Purchase: An Overview

November 19, 2013

Ashton Bridges

Path-to-purchase is an analytical framework for mapping key consumer touchpoints leading up to the purchase of a product or service, and for capturing consumer behaviors and emotions along that path. The visually appealing one-pager highlights how our process helps brands focus in on the critical needs and wants of their consumers.

Kelton’s Path-to-Purchase process helps brands focus in on the critical needs and wants of their consumers. By identifying the touchpoints in the shopping process where a business is most able to influence a consumer’s decision-making, it provides a powerful tool for the ongoing management of the brand’s customer experience. Based on the findings of a Path-to-Purchase analysis, a business is able to refine marketing strategy, communications, messaging, spend, and develop bigger brand strategies to best optimize the touchpoints and engage the consumer at every step of the way.

For more detailed information on how path-to-purchase studies help brands focus in on the critical needs and wants of their consumers, and design & new product development, check out this PDF.

Ashton Bridges

Director, Client Development

As Director of Client Development, Ashton is a passionate brand advocate who serves as one of Kelton’s key client liaisons. She excels in crafting engagements that...

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