Six 2020 Consumer Trend Reports to Help You Get Ahead
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Six 2020 Consumer Trend Reports to Help You Get Ahead

November 20, 2019

Planning for success in 2020 is no easy task — but this roundup of top consumer trend reports will help you get ahead.

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It can be hard to stay on track with annual planning during the seasonal blitz of shopping, drinking and culinary indulgences, so we’re back with a curated list of the best free 2020 consumer trend reports to get your team ready for the year ahead. Read on to learn about key shifts in tech, marketing, Gen Z, healthcare, social media, and more.

  1. Consumer Trends for 2020


Long gone are the days of wondering if technology will the change the world — now the only question is: which ones? According to Brandwatch’s latest report, the top answer is 5G. Asked to single out the technology that will change the world most in 2020, nearly a quarter of survey respondents chose the next-gen cellular network (with AI and self-driving cars rounding out the top three). Beyond tech, the report also digs into key purchase drivers, as well as the attributes that consumers look for across ten industries (from airlines to alcohol).

  1. Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in Retail for 2020


The digital trends in this report are relevant to every retailer with even a minimal online presence. Forbes predicts that augmented reality will relieve some of the costly burden of e-commerce returns by providing consumers with a better sense of what they’re purchasing, and highlights some of the most advanced uses of AR across the retail spectrum. The report also digs into other key digital shifts including social shopping, free one-day shipping, and the increasing importance of AI for customization.

  1. Gen Z Doesn’t Need Your Brand: 5 Steps to Win Them Over


With $29B in buying power and up to $333B in influence, there’s a reason marketers are desperate to win over Gen Z in 2020. To do our part, we conducted original research to find out more about this yet-to-be-understood generation. What did we discover? Gen Z thinks most brands are getting wrong. That’s why our experts put together the latest insights and steps to build a brand strategy that can reach these influential consumers.

  1. Connecting the dots: consumer trends that will shape 2020


It’s all about data, data, and more data, but consumers have serious trust issues. The Global Web Index report explores topics including AI and healthcare, the growth of digital currencies, and online financial privacy. Tech will play a major role in health and wellbeing with features such as AI-based symptom checkers and online doctor consultations. Yet while 45% of internet users in the U.K. and the U.S. say they feel “very comfortable” sharing data with health providers, only 12% have the same level of trust in tech companies.

  1. 2020 Global Marketing Strategy Report


2020 is the year of the consumer, and at Kelton, we love figuring out what really makes consumers tick. We also know that activating a customer-centric strategy can be challenging. We surveyed 750 North American marketing leaders from major organizations across more than a dozen industries and discovered that more than half aren’t confident that their strategies hit the mark. A full 33% struggle to even understand who their customers are. But there’s plenty of good news too, including a 46% year-over-year increase in budgets that will enable marketers to invest in strategies to better understand and engage with their customers.

  1. Five Hit Business Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020


Entrepreneur explores five disparate trends for entrepreneurial types with astute predictions about e-commerce, all-encompassing digital platforms, and social media. TikTok might not have entered your personal orbit, for example, but it pays to be on the ball about its importance to Gen Z. Entrepreneur also highlights other trends, from how eco-conscious companies such as Beyond Meat are proving that green continues to be the new black to the ways AI is transforming customer service.

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