Insights Bootcamp - Accelerate Your Consumer Research
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Insights Bootcamp - Accelerate Your Consumer Research

November 14, 2018

The answers to your business challenges can’t be found in a conference room. The answers are out there – among the people and culture where your brand lives. We designed Insights Bootcamp to help your team solve a variety of real-world brand challenges including when you need to:

  •    Jumpstart a new brand initiative or workstream with a cross-functional team.
  •    Get senior executives out of the boardroom and into the lives of their customers.
  •    Understand the cultural landscape when expanding into new markets.
  •    Familiarize your team with a new customer group.
  •    Conduct a deep dive on your target consumers to spark innovative ideas.

Want to know exactly how it works? Download our Insights Bootcamp Overview to learn:

  •    Why it works (hint: empathy is built in the field. No amount of data is a substitute).
  •    An overview of the 31-days and deliverables you can expect
  •    How it works, explore our 3-phase approach
  •    How online anthropology can uncover fresh, authentic consumer opportunities

Ready to get started? Click here to connect with Nicole Brandell, Kelton Partner, Brand and Marketing Strategy, to learn more!

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