Gareth Schweitzer

Founder and President


As Co-Founder and President of Kelton, Gareth is a driving force behind the company’s strategy, culture, and success.  With nearly 15 years of experience in insights & communications, Gareth leads relationships with several of Kelton’s key clients, and oversees the long-term strategic planning for Kelton as well as the work product the company delivers.

Before starting the firm, Gareth was a political journalist (one of the youngest-ever members of the White House Correspondents’ Association) and an embedded reporter in Iraq during the war’s early days.  Additionally, he appeared regularly on CNN, Fox News Channel, and nationally syndicated radio to discuss topics ranging from global geopolitical affairs to consumer behavior.  He now deploys those same skills to understand what consumers want and need, and how to convey that information in a compelling way that drives business decision-making for clients.

Gareth was born in India, grew up in London and Washington, DC, lived for a year in Chile and attended college at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  He’s an avid basketball player, runner, reader, debater, and father of three children – often in reverse order.  Gareth also sits on the Board of Directors at A Place Called Home, which provides academic tutoring, psychological counseling, arts, dance, sports, and college and vocational training for at-risk youth in South Central Los Angeles.

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