John Phillips
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John Phillips

Senior Director, Design Research, Los Angeles

With a background in product and service design, John provides a different perspective on design research and strategy with an emphasis on tactical implementation. As Senior Director of Design Research and Strategy, he focuses on qualitative research projects and enjoys translating research insights into design-based outcomes. His work is instrumental in synthesizing the results of the research process through the lens of application to provide actionable results for Kelton’s clients.

John received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design, where he studied design research and strategy, information design, furniture design, user interface & experience design, and sustainability. Through a collaboration with Art Center, John completed a Masters of Business Certificate Program at INSEAD in France, focusing on strategic product and service development and entrepreneurship.

John holds a provisional patent for his EcoDeck skimboard design which won an IDEA award from IDSA/BusinessWeek, and currently has his first piece of furniture in production. John’s love of zombie mythology and literature is dead serious, and he enjoys the recent popular revival of the genre. Travel is among his greatest passions and he’s actively adding to a list of nearly 20 countries visited. John also collects jackets, despite living in sunny Los Angeles, and is an avid whiskey fan.

Perspectives from John

Q1 Retail Roundup: Customer-centric Changes in BigBox Retail

The past couple weeks for BigBox Retail has been, well…BIG. From social pressure to soul searching to new alliances, change seems to be in the air as some of the most significant players in the retail space have announced a variety of major shake-ups. Though these changes run the gamut, the common thread is an increased emphasis on putting the customer first. Or at very least, putting them in a position to likely come out ahead.


So, What is This Whole ‘Internet of Things’ Thing?

In the course of the past 12 months, the so-called “Internet of Things," or IoT, has gone from semi-obscure forum fodder for the technorati to center-stage (literally) as the subject of keynotes and a major focus among the world’s biggest companies. With so many facets and such rapid, constant evolution, all of this can all be a little overwhelming to keep up with. As this space has emerged, we at Kelton have actively immersed ourselves in tracking and understanding it, and engaging our clients to help them navigate the myriad changes it’s already bringing (or will soon bring) to their businesses. For this same reason, across the coming months Kelton will be exploring some of the most salient aspects of the IoT. We’ll be producing and presenting a range of original content, all with a clear goal in mind: providing our clients the foundation for insight, strategy, innovation, and foresight around opportunity areas in the IoT. Context is always valuable, so let's begin by setting the scene with a IoT Timeline. This sharable companion graphic provides a concise history of the IoT - how it got to where it is now, where it's likely going, and the important milestones along the way.


Glass Half Full

I love whiskey. As it turns out, so does a huge (and rapidly growing) pool of people. Global whiskey consumption has been on the rise in recent years, and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the world collectively consumed 3 billion liters of the stuff in 2013! And as that appetite to imbibe has grown, few types of whiskey are hotter than Bourbon. At Kelton, we’re no novices when it comes whiskey, or the broader alcoholic beverages category. We’ve lead numerous branding and positioning engagements with labels like Jägermeister, Mike’s, and MillerCoors, and have studied in depth industry trends and related consumer behavior. But it’s not all work and no play – we also recently held a full–fledged whiskey tasting event in our LA office, complete with an infotainment–filled trip around the wide world of whiskey. We’re eager to see how the industry continues to evolve, and in the meantime as it does…cheers!