John Wise

Senior Director, Cultural Insights & Brand Strategy

John leads the Cultural Insights team at Kelton, bringing a fresh and exploratory dimension to any project he touches.  A dynamic presenter and experienced strategist, John understands the blend of art and science that goes into building future-facing brands, and has expertise in bringing these two forces together.  In a career spanning over ten years and two coasts, John brings a distinct strategic perspective to leading brands such as Target, Google, Coca-Cola, Macy’s, Pfizer, and others.

John’s fascination with culture started as a child in Baltimore, the vibrant and symbol-rich borderlands between high- and low-cultures. At Cornell University, he was introduced to the academic side of cultural insight as an American Studies major and member of the distinguished Sphinx Head Senior Honor society.  Following graduation, he moved to San Francisco where he spent his time as a graphic designer, coach, and barman…sometimes simultaneously.

In his spare time, John is part of the brain trust behind Brooklyn Theater Art’s philanthropic ‘Chrome to College’ initiative, which recently supplied over $20K in computers for disadvantaged youth in Canarsie. A devoted amateur chef, John has learned from his clients and friends at The Epicurean Group that the perfect Italianate dish combines salt, heat, acid, and a little bit of love.  He is an aspiring Internet Yogi and proud practitioner of the G chord on the ukulele.


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