Stacey Lutz, Ph.D

Vice President, Qualitative Research

As Vice President of Qualitative Research, Stacey is an expert in distilling data down to its core insights, and translating those insights into powerful strategic recommendations. As a social psychologist, she is passionate about diagnosing each client’s needs and developing an individualized research approach to solve business challenges. Her creative research methods have provided unique psychological, behavioral, and social-dynamic insights for diverse clients such as Pfizer, Target, and Harley-Davidson.

Prior to Kelton, Stacey worked as Director of Research Analysis at PortiCo Research, where she led ethnographic analyses for clients in a wide range of industries, including online education, health and wellness, automotive, and consumer packaged goods.

In her other life as a psychology professor, Stacey has taught undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in psychological theory and research methods, at universities including New York University, Columbia, and Princeton. Stacey received an Advanced Bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy from Occidental College. She went on to earn both a Master’s degree and a Doctorate in social psychology, with a concentration in developmental psychology, from NYU.

She is originally from California, and had childhood aspirations of becoming a nun, but decided instead to move to New York to join the cult of Murray’s Cheese. She lives in the West Village, has no cats, is an ardent fan of New York arts and culture, and wears a lot of red lipstick.

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