Project Deliverables

  • Brand Perception Recommendations
  • Campaign Evolution Strategy

The Challenge: Ad Tracking for a Campaign Gone Viral

When it comes to standing apart from other automated marketing service providers, MailChimp is one cheeky monkey. After the podcast Serial gained a cult following in 2014, Adnan Syed wasn’t the only name on people’s lips– MailChimp’s sponsored intro, in which the company’s name was mispronounced, became a topic of conversation, too. Looking to continue the momentum, the email service provider hired Droga5 to develop their first cross-media campaign and partnered with Kelton to track its ad effectiveness.

We got to work surveying entrepreneurs and small business owners to find out how MailChimp’s target market reacted to the ad campaign’s bold, quirky concept– which included playful experiences across music, film, and even branded snacks.

We also tracked how the brand stacked up against competitors in terms of awareness and overall perception. Going big paid off: the findings from our ad tracker proved that the campaign was a success, and Droga5’s work was further recognized when the agency was awarded the 2017 Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes.

The Solution: Advertising Tracker Findings to Power the Next Big Campaign

At the close of our ad tracking project, we provided guidance on areas of improvement and opportunity to help the company execute on future campaigns like a champ (err… chimp).

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