Project Deliverables

• Experience and Communication Principles
• Global Alignment on SRC Specifications
• Successful Implementation of SRC with Visa and Mastercard

Service Design for EMVCo and the Payments Industry

The Challenge: Design Digital Experiences and Messaging for a Global Launch

EMVCo manages and evolves the EMV Specifications, the important set of technical and security standards for credit and debit cards residing in wallets worldwide. Recently, they set out to launch a new set of specifications designed to enable a common consumer e-checkout that promotes simplicity, familiarity, and trust — Secure Remote Commerce (or SRC). They turned to Kelton to help iteratively design, test, and refine SRC experiences and messaging for its global launch.

The Solution: Prototype, Test, Refine, and Validate

After an initial problem framing workshop, we collaborated with the team to prototype key digital SRC experiences, as well as key discovery touchpoints.​ We put these to the test with users, surfacing learnings rapidly that we fed forward into our prototype iterations.

From our domestic work, we translated our insights into broader product design implications. We globally tested our next iteration of prototypes in India, Brazil, Germany, and again in the US to get a broader global perspective, surfacing unique needs with SRC and points of confusion in the experience.

Finally, with refined designs, we ran a global quantitative study to validate and size needs, ease of use of SRC experiences, comprehension and trust, and perceived value of SRC. Collectively, these efforts helped lead SRC to a successful delivery in the market.

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