Cornerstone OnDemand survey finds US employees overloaded
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Cornerstone OnDemand survey finds US employees overloaded

November 13, 2014

Source: Financial News

The unemployment rate may have decreased over the past year as more people are entering the workforce, but that doesn´t mean the workloads of those already employed are easing up, according to a new Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD) survey.

Conducted in collaboration with Kelton, the survey reveals that 68 percent of US full-time employees are suffering from work overload, a 14 percent jump from the 2013 study. And more than half (52 percent) of these employees say their work overload — where the amount of time they need to complete their assignments on a daily basis outnumbers the hours in the day — has gotten worse over the past 12 months.

While some workers are also overwhelmed by information (40 percent) and technology (27 percent), more than six in ten (61 percent) workers believe that work overload is most harmful to their productivity. This amplifies the frustrating paradox of today´s hyper-connected workforce: the more overworked people are, the more they have to work longer hours; the longer they work, the less productive they become; and the less productive they become, the longer they must work. And at a time when technology tethers people to work like never before, more than a quarter (26 percent) of those surveyed said they feel like they can´t turn off their job outside of work hours or even while on vacation.

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Cornerstone OnDemand is a leader in cloud-based applications for talent management. The company´s solutions help organizations recruit, train, manage and engage their employees, empowering their people and increasing workforce productivity. Based in Santa Monica, California, the company´s solutions are used by over 1,900 clients worldwide, spanning more than 16.6 million users across 191 countries and 42 languages. To learn, visit, and

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