Lauren’s List: Tips For Making Mom Happy On Mother’s Day
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Lauren’s List: Tips For Making Mom Happy On Mother’s Day

May 2, 2016

Source: CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you still don’t know what to buy your mom, Lauren’s List is here to help.

According to a survey released by the savings site and Kelton Global, 91 percent of moms want to receive a gift from family members on this special day.

But you should consider skipping the flowers and getting your mom something she actually wants.

First up on Lauren’s List is a nice meal.

The survey found 23 percent of American moms want to enjoy a lovely meal on Mother’s Day. Just don’t make her cook it!

Gift cards are also a good option. found 15 percent of moms want a gift card and most of them want a card that can be used anywhere.

A spa day sounds like a great idea for a gift – and 9 percent of moms agree.

Only 9 percent?! I would definitely take a day at the spa!

Finally, 12 percent of moms just want the day off for Mother’s Day.

No cooking. No cleaning. No problem. Your dear mom deserves a break and the same survey found 44 percent of Americans with mothers in their lives agree.

Remember, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th.

What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever given or received?

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