Some fliers would give up bathroom access for onboard Wi-Fi
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Some fliers would give up bathroom access for onboard Wi-Fi

September 8, 2013


Wireless Internet access on planes has become so essential that some travelers are willing to give up comfort, sustenance and even peace and quiet to get it.

For example, 61% of fliers who were questioned said having no Wi-Fi on a flight was worse than sitting in a seat that doesn’t recline, according to a survey of more than 2,000 adult Americans conducted on behalf of Honeywell Aerospace, a division of Honeywell Inc.

That same survey found that 32% of passengers said getting disconnected from onboard Wi-Fi was worse than sitting next to a crying baby.

If fliers had to give up a service or comfort to get the best Wi-Fi service possible, 32% of U.S. travelers said they would give up a seat that reclines, 42% said they would do without snacks and 13% said they forgo access to bathrooms on the plane.

What can fliers accomplish with access to onboard Internet?

One U.S. passenger planned an entire wedding from a plane, according to the survey.

Another U.S. traveler received a college acceptance letter while in the air.

A flier from London even filed for divorce from an airplane.

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