Study: 40 percent of holiday shoppers begin buying in October
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Study: 40 percent of holiday shoppers begin buying in October

October 7, 2013

Source: WPXI

Despite being a few weeks before Halloween, a new poll shows nearly 40 percent of shoppers have started holiday shopping by October.

Shopping experts at said a soft back-to-school shopping season could lead to great deals.

“Retailers are trying to push through a lot of merchandise in order to create room for their holiday merchandise. As a result, a lot of deep discounts are available for consumers to take advantage of,” senior editor Trae Bodge said.

The same survey found people will spend about $200 per person this holiday season, so Bodge said it’s important to set and follow a budget.

Channel 11’s Joe Arena talked to West Mifflin shopper Marcia Barrett, who is part of the 40 percent getting her shopping done early.

“They put things on sale right now to try to draw you in, so I’m getting what I can,” Barrett said.

Top-selling items this year include a Crazy Cart, a toy that retails for more than $200 and goes in every direction, including sideways. Another top-seller is the Elmo doll, which retails for about $100.

Gift experts told Arena that consumers are avoiding credit cards, opting for layaway.

West Mifflin Toys R Us manager Christie Blair said she expected the numbers to be way up this year.

“In my particular store, I had 2,200 layaways, and right now, I have about 500,” Blair said.

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