Expanding the One-for-One model

As TOMS has grown, we’ve been there to help them stay true to the brand, true to the customer and true to the mission.

Through the years, we’ve helped TOMS tackle wide ranging business challenges without losing the magic of the one-for-one model. And we’ve used just about every tool in our toolkit in the process.

We partnered with TOMS as they explored everything from new product categories to new global territories. We developed global positioning and communications strategies and charted paths-to-purchase to maximize sales. The outcomes are clear: TOMS quickly became a household name and an influential trailblazer in the world of corporate social responsibility. Today, TOMS posts revenues around $500 million per year and improves millions of lives in the process. We are very proud of the role we played in growing this business and its positive impact on the world.

What we Did

Product and Concept Testing
Price Optimization
Brand Health Tracking
Shopper Journey

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