72% of Americans Under Stay-at-Home Orders Expect to Reach Breaking Point by Early June
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72% of Americans Under Stay-at-Home Orders Expect to Reach Breaking Point by Early June

April 24, 2020

According to new research from Kelton Global, more than a quarter already experiencing “drastically negative” effects.

Kelton Global COVID-19 Consumer Pulse

LOS ANGELES, CA — New research from Kelton Global reveals that stay-at-home orders are causing particularly negative effects on Americans’ emotional well-being. 

The consultancy’s latest nationally representative survey shows that more than a quarter of those affected by stay-at-home orders report already reaching their breaking point, while nearly three quarters expect to reach theirs 5 weeks from now if the orders remain in effect. 

According to Kelton Global’s Chief Insights Officer Dr. Martin Eichholz, “our findings highlight the increasingly serious implications of stay-at-home orders, and puts some urgency on the actions of politicians and organizations who try to manage the COVID-19 fallout.”

The data also show that the emotional toll is heavier for some:

  • 29% of women had already reached their breaking point last week, vs. 20% of men
  • 35% of those aged 18-24, vs. 22% among those 45+
  • 39% of those experiencing financial difficulties, vs. 17% among the financially comfortable

This increasing likelihood of Americans reaching their breaking point is accompanied by rising fears of formerly everyday activities. A large majority are now “extremely worried” about activities such as going on a flight (69%), going to a bar/restaurant (62%) or using a ride-share service (58%). 

Taken together, the data suggest that the events we’ve seen in recent days are just the beginning, and further escalations with larger numbers of protesters and government order violations are to be expected.

To download the full report, visit: https://www.keltonglobal.com/perspectives/report-keltons-covid-19-consumer-pulse-2/

Kelton launched the first wave of its COVID-19 tracking survey in mid-March, as the outbreak began to escalate across the country. “We wanted to take action in order to empower our clients with the insights they’d need during a rapidly changing situation,” said Kelton President Alison Servi

For this second wave of the study, Kelton conducted a 20-minute online survey with 1,895 American adults (age 18+) currently aware of the coronavirus, from April 3 – 6. 

As Americans’ lives continue to be transformed by COVID-19, Kelton will field new waves of its tracking survey to understand changing attitudes and behaviors and their implications for categories and brands.



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