Visa Market Research Case Study

The Challenge

We've worked with Visa on a range of tough challenges - from Global Positioning to Small Business Segmentation. Recently, Visa turned to us when it came to designing an app for Millennials and Gen X. Before features were finalized or design began, Visa wanted to know how to help the two very different generational groups with one very flexible app.

The Solution

We grabbed onto the challenge and approached it from two directions. First, we explored deep-seated attitudes about debt and credit with an eye towards similarities and differences across generations. And we used design thinking to test out some very practical product features.

This combination of features and the insights that anchored them launched Visa into action. Kelton delivered a product development platform that included a unique value proposition to drive product development, insight-fueled inspiration and guardrails for design.

Soon Millennials and Get-X will hold financial stability in the palm of their hands.

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