The tech pioneer turns to us with tough questions.

Google knows search; we know people. Together, we’re tackling the global issues that face the company. From artificial intelligence to employee retention and social responsibility, we make the complex understandable through research and insight.

When a single company takes on virtual reality, driverless cars, and empowering the next wave of entrepreneurs in Africa, it’s bound to encounter difficult questions.

From interpreting the way consumers receive social responsibility programs, to evaluating fears regarding artificial intelligence and deciphering the emotional needs of employees, we help Google understand the mindsets of its key audiences around the globe.

We use a strategic mix of research methods to deliver insights into the brand, its marketplace cultures, and the effectiveness of special programs. Our work with Google is ever-evolving, just like the company itself.

What we Did

Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Cultural Insights
Brand Strategy
Communications Strategy
Social and Digital Analytics

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