Jury Insight

If there’s one place where communication can’t miss, it’s in the courtroom. Our specialized practice for litigators uses the most effective predictive research techniques from marketing, politics and media to assess themes, arguments, juror sentiment and damage awards for important court cases. We quickly identify messages that compel in the courtroom and help lawyers develop pinpointed arguments that are clear, simple, and persuasive.

Here are some of the things our Jury Insight approach can provide:

  1. Motivating Messages. Our researchers distill the data into a guide that lists the most compelling arguments you can make, along with precise language that will be compelling, comfortable and meaningful to jurors.
  2. Thematic Hierarchy. We cultivate a blueprint of the ideas that will best resonate with jurors in your pool.
  3. Winning Stories.  We help you craft a concise and consistent storyline that resonates with jurors.
  4. Juror Predisposition. We use qualitative and quantitative research strategies to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the juror predispositions that will impact the way jurors see case facts.
  5. Perceptions of Plaintiffs and Defendants. Our team collects actionable information about how jurors view each of the parties, highlighting important perceptions such as likability and general blame.
  6. Reactions to Witnesses. We provide specific feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of key witnesses, including experts.
  7. Damages. We tap into the data to develop a quantifiable assessment of likely damage and what could push numbers vastly higher or lower.
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The work is completed effectively, efficiently, and intelligently every time, and they’re always looking to deliver more than you expect American Cancer Society
Jury Insight’s name says it all. They put together juries that mirror our actual jury pool and then they streamline and test our arguments in a manner that helps evaluate the persuasiveness of those arguments. Partner, Latham and Watkins
Your reports are extremely well laid out and the content very helpful to our analysis. Our attorneys consistently say there are very valuable takeaways and are now focus group converts. Founding Partner, Kay, Rose & Maltzman
We were very impressed with the results. They are great to work with, and are our first choice for jury consulting and focus group work. Senior Vice President, Claims, Goodyear Tires
Before walking into the courtroom, we use Jury Insight to Develop Arguments that work. They help us sell our case to the jury and impact our chances at trial. Stephan, Oringher, Richman and Theodora