One Magic Tool to Transform Customer Experience
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One Magic Tool to Transform Customer Experience

September 19, 2019

Delivering an amazing customer experience is complicated. Learn how experience mapping can bring your customer experiences to life and provide actionable takeaways to fuel your marketing, experience and brand strategies.

In order to improve customer experience or roll out a new strategy, cross-functional teams must see problems the same way and align to solve them collaboratively. They must consider dozens of touchpoints and channels, as well as invisible forces like emotions, culture and politics. None of this is easy.

That’s where experience mapping comes in. It’s a process designed to visualize experiences — both as they are, and as they could be. Built on insights, these maps are great for building internal empathy and helping organizations see the bigger picture from the customer’s POV. They provide an action plan to rally around and drive change.

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  • How experience mapping can help you improve customer experience, build brand loyalty and drive growth
  • 5 core principles for creating experience maps that bridge insights and action
  • The 4 ways Kelton visualizes the customer experience
  • And more

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